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The 8 Best Things to Buy Vintage

vintage tie man wearing with suitcaseThe other day a friend shared the article The 7 Best Things To Buy Vintage (and 3 To Skip) with me, and knowing well my expected excitement over the prospect of seeing men’s vintage neckwear listed, she cut me short and said,”They’re not mentioned.” What?! Men’s vintage ties are not on the short list? I couldn’t believe it & skimmed past the art, furniture, dishes, glasses, vases, silverware and tablecloths, all great gets at local thrifts, flea markets and antique shops.  I noticed that the majority are related to kitchens and dining and one relates to tactile materials and fabrics.

Well, you can add men’s vintage neckties to the list as one of the best vintage things a person can buy! They are among the most unique finds and fairly priced collectibles you can  purchase, given you are willing to look a little, but you’ve to do that with most anything. The hunt is part of the appeal to finding  neckwear which sets you apart from everyone else! Is Now

yournecktieshop home page photo






After over 5 years as Ties2Pillows, we decided to change our website  name to better reflect the products we sell. While we used to sell new & vintage neckties as well as pillows & sachets made from ties, we are pleased to announce our store is now entirely dedicated to offering ties, ties and nothing but ties! Our huge selection includes vintage, designer, novelty, pattern, skinny, boys, bow ties, long ties, and so much more!

Think of YourNecktieShop as your friendly neighborhood store, the corner shop where you can browse your favorite neckwear at your pace, ask a question or just chat it up with our knowledgeable staff! We are here 24/7 for assist your with all of your buying needs. Feel free to contact us by email at or toll free at 888-740-7942. We are happy to help!

Question About A Necktie I Just Purchased From

Dear Ties2Pillows,

I ordered a golf crest tie today. I don’t have my order number with me, but the website said that there was only one tie of it. In something I saw, I got the impression that the ties you sell might be used. Is that the case?! My questions are:

1. Is the tie used at all or brand new?
2. It is “extra long.” How long is extra long?

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your inquiry. We are a hybrid site which sells new and vintage neckties from the 1920′s through today’s modern pieces. The necktie you purchased was designed during the 1990′s and is pre-owned. It is 3 3/4 inches wide and 60 inches long. All of our extra long ties are at least 60 inches long.

All of our vintage ties have been checked and re-checked for any flaws before they go on the site for sale. The tie you purchased is in excellent condition and as good as new, with no flaws to speak of and no sign of wear. The advantage of buying used ties like ours is that necktie designs are not repeated over and over again, year after year. The only way to enjoy this particular design for example, is to find it like you did on a site like ours. If you have any issue with the tie whatsoever once you receive it, then of course we offer a money back guarantee.

If I can be of anymore help, feel free to email me or call our toll free number.

Sincerely, Jackie



Buy a $50 Dollar Gift Certificate & Receive a Free Necktie Up To a $15 Dollar Value

gift certificate bFAMILY, FANS, FRIENDS, CUSTOMERS & SUBSCRIBERS: What do you think of this sales promotion: Buy a $50 dollar gift certificate & receive a free men’s necktie up to a $15 dollar value!

This is how my partner & I came up with this promo – we were at the local Taco Bell the other week and they were running a promo whereby you get 2 crunchy tacos and a medium drink for free if you buy a $20 gift certificate. So we thought why not use the same model for our necktie sales?

The customer can purchase a gift certificate for themselves or someone else, to use now or later, and get their pick of any new or vintage men’s necktie from our website, up to a $15 dollar value, mailed to them for free right away.

Also, we plan for the fine print to state that if the customer changes their mind about the purchase of the gift certificate and wants a refund, if they have already received their free tie, they will need to either return the tie for a full refund or keep it and only receive a $35 dollar refund. Fine print is important since there will be people who want to game the system. I think that’s only fair. After all, we need to protect our business.

Your thoughts?

Where Can I Buy Men’s Striped Neckties?

t22590-blue & green stripe tieWhere can I buy men’s striped neckties? At!

Anyone can look great in classically styled striped ties. The use of stripe ties to indicate the wearer’s membership to a club, military regiment, or school dates to the late 19th century England. The common pattern for English regimental neckties consists of diagonal stripes of alternating colors running downward from the upper left to the lower right. By contrast, the stripes on American neckwear run downward from the upper right to the lower left. University striped neckties, also known as college neckties, consist of a pattern of diagonal stripes of equal size.

No matter which direction our new and vintage striped pattern ties run, they are perfect for all occasions.

Call the Merchant Number if You Don’t Recognize a Credit Card Charge

credit card statementQ: Hi, I have a charge on my credit card from a company I am not familiar with. Can you tell me who you are?

A: Thank you for calling the toll free number provided (888-740-7942). If the name is Altogether Something Different, Ltd., we are the parent company for the Ties2Pillows website. Did you by chance purchase some men’s neckties? Oh, it was for some vintage skinny ties? Yes, that is us. The credit card companies require us list our parent company name  Altogether Something Different instead of our online site name.  I wish that wasn’t the case. I am so sorry for the confusion, but you are welcome to call us anytime with any questions you might have about a charge or your purchase specifics.

Top Two Ways for Merchants to Ensure Fraudulent Credit Card Transactions are Resolved in Their Favor

shipping packagesQ: What is the best way for merchants to ensure that fraudulent credit card transactions are resolved in their favor?

A: The other day I received a letter in the mail from a credit card company requesting information for a fraudulent transaction which their cardholder had not authorized. It was for the purchase of a men’s skinny tie. In this particular case, my business credit card had already had a  chargeback initiated by the issuing bank, and it was up to me to provide a detailed rebuttal addressing all claims and providing documentation so that the debit against my account might be credited back.

This has not been the first time this has happened to me. In fact, it is a common occurrence for people to question charges for men’s neckties from a company name which they are not familiar with. But this was the first time a charge was identified as fraudulent.

I provided detailed information & contacted the merchant services to make sure they received my fax to them. The representative was kind enough to take a quick look at my case file. She said that unless I provided two key pieces of information, my case would not be decided in my favor.

They were (1) make sure that the billing and shipping addresses are identical and (2) make sure the card holder signs for the package delivered to them. This charge failed in both instances. The billing was in one state while the shipping was to another and since the recipient was someone other than the card holder, in my case a signature would not have made a difference.  The rep added that her understanding was that this was the rule for all credit cards as well as domestic and international destinations. Live & Learn!

Our Largest Sale Ever! Save 30% On All Our Men’s  Neckties!

Use Code Fall30 At Checkout + Free Shipping on $50+ Orders!

Sale ends the end of the weekend, November 3rd.

Share Our Sale With Your Friends & Family! Thanks – Much Appreciated!

Note: we have NEVER offered 30% off. At most it has been 20%, which is quite generous enough! But, the most recent government shutdown during the first 3 weeks of October and a Google search engine re-calibration has required an adjustment, so we are offering an added incentive!


Where Can I Buy New and Vintage Bow Ties?

t19645-red bow tieWhere Can I Buy New and Vintage Bow Ties? At!

What do Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Dr. Who, Steve Jobs, Donald Duck, and James Bond have in common? They are from a long list of famous people and fictional characters known to wear men’s bowties. It’s hard to go unnoticed when wearing them.

While men’s bow ties are popularly worn with formal attire, they also are associated with particular professions as well as the preppy culture in New England and the white aristocratic culture of the South. Over the years they’ve also developed a less serious image in their adaptation into clown uniforms and the only accessory worn by male strippers. Our new and vintage bow ties come both “pre tied” with a clip-on feature and “self-tie” with three shapes available, the butterfly, diamond and straight edge. Check out our boutique selection and try one today!


Where Can I Buy Boy’s Neckties?

t21456-boys stripe tieWhere Can I Buy Boy’s Neckties? At!

Kids ties provide a great way for a young man to look as fashionable as dad. This selection of new and vintage boys ties includes skinny ties and clip-on neckwear suitable for youth ages 4 to 14. Children’s ties are perfect for special occasions when kids need to dress up with neckties. Our handsome boys ties complete the air of sophistication by bringing a refined blend of style and class to formal wear.

We also carry novelty themed boys neckties to give kids an extra reason to be excited about dressing up. Fun boys ties that will delight boys the next time they dress up for any occasion. These kids ties make great additions to any young boys wardrobe.

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