t19645-red bow tieWhere Can I Buy New and Vintage Bow Ties? At Ties2Pillows.com!

What do Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Dr. Who, Steve Jobs, Donald Duck, and James Bond have in common? They are from a long list of famous people and fictional characters known to wear men’s bowties. It’s hard to go unnoticed when wearing them.

While men’s bow ties are popularly worn with formal attire, they also are associated with particular professions as well as the preppy culture in New England and the white aristocratic culture of the South. Over the years they’ve also developed a less serious image in their adaptation into clown uniforms and the only accessory worn by male strippers. Our new and vintage bow ties come both “pre tied” with a clip-on feature and “self-tie” with three shapes available, the butterfly, diamond and straight edge. Check out our boutique selection and try one today!


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