T01291-clip on necktieWhere Can I Buy Vintage Clip-On Neckties? At Ties2Pillows.com!

Looking for the ease and convenience of not needing to tie a knot every time you need to wear a necktie? Try clip on ties. They have permanently tied knots which do not need to be wrapped around the neck, but are instead affixed to the front of shirt collars by a metal clip. Our clip on ties include vintage 1950s & 1960s skinny ties, wide neckwear from the 1970s as well as some modern pieces. Some even sport novelty themes.

Clip-on neckwear is a popular alternative to standard men’s ties and is often worn by law enforcement officers to avoid injury possible when using standard neckties. Clip on neckties are also preferred by people who don’t know how to tie a tie and handicapped individuals for whom it is impossible to tie men’s neckties. We love them because they’re easy to use. So will you!


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