T16030-Wide 1940s Stripe TieWhere can I buy wide neckties? At Ties2Pillows.com!

These are real honest to goodness wide ties, which were common during the Zoot Suit era of the late 30′s and into the flamboyant 40′s, and were reintroduced in the mid 1960′s, a trend that lasted for another ten years and fully blossomed into the what is referred to as the “Peacock Style” of the 1970′s.

The 1940′s vintage ties are made of thinner fabric and make for regular sized knots whereas the the fat 1970′s vintage neckties are made of bulkier polyester blends. Even when they are fashioned from silk they are thick for their double lining, and have very large knots when tied. Check out our extensive selection of vintage fat ties for a unique look. All are over 4 inches in width, and some are up to 5 inches from tip to tip!


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