gift certificate bFAMILY, FANS, FRIENDS, CUSTOMERS & SUBSCRIBERS: What do you think of this sales promotion: Buy a $50 dollar gift certificate & receive a free men’s necktie up to a $15 dollar value!

This is how my partner & I came up with this promo – we were at the local Taco Bell the other week and they were running a promo whereby you get 2 crunchy tacos and a medium drink for free if you buy a $20 gift certificate. So we thought why not use the same model for our necktie sales?

The customer can purchase a gift certificate for themselves or someone else, to use now or later, and get their pick of any new or vintage men’s necktie┬áfrom our website, up to a $15 dollar value, mailed to them for free right away.

Also, we plan for the fine print to state that if the customer changes their mind about the purchase of the gift certificate and wants a refund, if they have already received their free tie, they will need to either return the tie for a full refund or keep it and only receive a $35 dollar refund. Fine print is important since there will be people who want to game the system. I think that’s only fair. After all, we need to protect our business.

Your thoughts?

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