vintage tie man wearing with suitcaseThe other day a friend shared the article The 7 Best Things To Buy Vintage (and 3 To Skip) with me, and knowing well my expected excitement over the prospect of seeing men’s vintage neckwear listed, she cut me short and said,”They’re not mentioned.” What?! Men’s vintage ties are not on the short list? I couldn’t believe it & skimmed past the art, furniture, dishes, glasses, vases, silverware and tablecloths, all great gets at local thrifts, flea markets and antique shops.  I noticed that the majority are related to kitchens and dining and one relates to tactile materials and fabrics.

Well, you can add men’s vintage neckties to the list as one of the best vintage things a person can buy! They are among the most unique finds and fairly priced collectibles you can  purchase, given you are willing to look a little, but you’ve to do that with most anything. The hunt is part of the appeal to finding  neckwear which sets you apart from everyone else!

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